Tantra  massage and dance of divine

‘ Dance together eternal dance of Shakti and Shiva.’

Embracing the feminine essence your Goddess will go deep into her own pleasure and power to perform a very sensual and divine tantric dance.

She will honour you and offer you her divine dance prior to the start of your Tantra massage. She will invite you to dance with her. Energy of life will create connection between you, and it will build a bridge between your hearts. It will connect your bodies into a shared flow of energy and you will melt together.

Let your body move freely, and surrender to this eternal flow. Dance together this dance of love and life. Bathe on that sacred energy, enjoy the flow of oneness. Allow our bodies dance together. Let the power flow through you, and lift you up to new heights.

Be loved by divine, embrace the divine within yourself and take it all into your being. Be divine Shakti, all femininity, and embrace Shiva, all masculinity, with your whole being.

Dance of Divine will make your massage experience a more sensual and more connected experience. It will awake your visual sense, giving you space for your creative imagination to take you to a place that only you will secretly know.

You will then sit or lie down to receive a conscious touch massage and appreciate the feminine sensuality through sensual sacred movements as your Goddess caresses you with my loving massage.

This is a very sensual and sacred session, a unique tantric experience that your eyes will never forget!

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