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What is a Tantra Massage?

There is no professional body that regulates Tantric massage, so each Tantric Masseur is free to come up with their own version and understanding of what Tantric Massage is and should entail. Our masseurs have been trained by a well regarded and respected Sacred Tantra Teacher and apply the principles of Sacred Tantra in all our services. Tantra Massage is a massage of the whole body from head to toe.

Tantra massage is sensual and erotic. We work with Energy Work and a sense of spirituality.  However, you do not have to be spiritual to experience Tantra.  Tantra massage is a conscious touch and is healing for the mind, body, and soul. 

The goal of Tantra Massage is not to reach physical orgasm but to flow the energy in the body and experience a full body orgasm. The full body orgasm is the experience of feeling your whole body vibrating with orgasmic energy. It is a safe, sexual, sensual, creative, alive, powerful, passionate, loving, soft, joyful, silent, loud, spacious, spiritual, melting, uniting experience. The orgasmic state, as a state of consciousness, is always available to us; it is inside of us, it is our essence, our core energy; and it is all around us, in every particle of air we breathe.

The difference between Tantra Massage and a Sensual Erotic Massage is
1.  That the practitioners truly enjoy what they are doing and care about the client.
2.  Whereas the client may be attracted to the practitioner, the client's focus is on their own real experience in their body, rather than on the practitioner as a sex object.
3.  The practitioner is empowering the client, guiding them to receive, open up and grow in new ways.
4.  The client is allowing sexual energy to travel through the whole of their body, in a relaxed way.   The focus is on aliveness and presence rather than release.
5.  The practitioner can receive and contain the client's emotional expressions, in a context that is in service of the client.
6.  The energy of arousal is in service of bringing more keenly to the surface the client's inner world, and directing them to new places beyond their previous experience.  It does not override sensitivity, emotions or interpersonal intimacy.  It is not compulsive, tense, disconnected or shameful.
7.  There is a quality of innocence.

What happens during a Tantra Massage?

After you take a shower, you will be led to the Treatment Room, where your Tantric Masseur will greet you and lead you through a short meditation and Tantra ritual to connect to each other and help you to tune to your own body sensations and became aware of the energy in YOUR body.

You can take off as much or as little clothing as you feel comfortable with. Our priority is that you feel fully comfortable during your session. Feel free to use the 4 words to set your boundaries during your massage. Your masseurs will explain it to you prior to your session.

You will lie facing down and be guided to take three deep breaths, relax and surrender in your Masseur's hands. Silk and feathers will then gently caress your body as soothing background music plays.  A soft, slow, and sensual touch will begin the Tantric Massage.  Plane warm oils will be massaged into your skin by sensitive hands, skin on skin will stimulate your skin's receptors.

You can lose yourself completely, there is nothing to do... simply be... in a world of silence and deep relaxation, in a world of sensual and erotic touch, in a world of tenderness and lust...

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You have a wonderful touch, I will definitely be back.
You really know what you are doing, this is fantastic!
It’s so erotic, tender and soothing in the same time.Thank you so much.
I feel comfortable knowing that there is no expectation from you, I feel I can relax now.
Jay made me feel incredibly relaxed, comforted and in a safe place. I would highly recommend him.
You made a big impact in my life. I really want to learn more about Tantra.
I have been very stressed and unhappy lately. The massage I received exceeded my expectations. Not just made me feel relaxed but understood. The service is not rushed and the laddie made me feel very welcome.
Before I came here I was lost and now I found focus. Everyone should experience this.
Beautiful Goddess, more than anyone before, you gave me sensations of happiness. So glad we meet.

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