Light Domination Massage BDSM Birmingham

What is Light Domination Massage?

We combine sensuality and consciousness with sexy domination.  We create pleasure with pain designed just for you.  This is the option for those who have a submissive side, serious or curious.  Sessions can be individually tailored where you can explore your deeper desires.

Experience extreme pleasures by immersing yourself into a new world that will uncover dark sensuality and cross boundaries that will open the path to a different taste of pleasure by creating a safe place to arouse your shadow side to play.

This experience is about exploring your darker and deeper fantasies that are trapped deep inside...

What happens during our Light Domination Massage?

Your masseur will discuss with you your boundaries and make sure you are comfortable with the session.

She can use dark techniques that will leave your heart pounding and your mind dominated by the empowering sexual energy.

Some activities that can be incorporated into this sessions are: domination, sensual domination, Sensory deprivation, orgasm control, whipping, spanking, flogging, CBT, blindfolds, nipple torture, tickling, face slapping, foot and leg worship, Hot wax, ice, menthol.

Note that this session is not a full BDSM service and there are some activities that we do not offer. If there is something that you are interested in exploring, but you do not see it listed above, please call us to discuss your desires.

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You have a wonderful touch, I will definitely be back.
You really know what you are doing, this is fantastic!
It’s so erotic, tender and soothing in the same time.Thank you so much.
I feel comfortable knowing that there is no expectation from you, I feel I can relax now.
Jay made me feel incredibly relaxed, comforted and in a safe place. I would highly recommend him.
You made a big impact in my life. I really want to learn more about Tantra.
I have been very stressed and unhappy lately. The massage I received exceeded my expectations. Not just made me feel relaxed but understood. The service is not rushed and the laddie made me feel very welcome.
Before I came here I was lost and now I found focus. Everyone should experience this.
Beautiful Goddess, more than anyone before, you gave me sensations of happiness. So glad we meet.

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