Ladies Tantric Massage

Ladies Tantra Massage is a gentle opportunity to awaken the Goddess within by relaxing surrendering and opening a woman sexually. Our Masseurs and Masseusses are professional and loving individuals that will perform the massage not for their ego's sake but to serve the lady by creating a safe and sacred space for her.

If orgasm happens , a huge movement of sexual energy flows through the body. When this energy moves, it starts breaking down layers of protection and defence. Now ultimately this is a great thing on the tantric path...we want to drop those old patterns of defence. As layers of long-held defence falls away, deep vulnerability is exposed. The lady may experience any number of things such as a huge rush of inexplicable emotions. Some women cry or laugh during orgasm. There may be tremendous flows of energy...full body shaking and trembling.

We as professionals (generally) know how to make a woman feel safe and held through the vehicle of the session and clarity of boundaries.

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