Couples Massage

Tantric Massage between couples is a wonderful experience - away from the world, exploring each other's deepest pleasures, and reminding one another how much you care, appreciate and love each other.

Watching the massage between two people who truly care and desire each other is a rewarding and beautiful experience. Feeling the love and passion flow through the hands as they yearn to please and satisfy each other.

The sessions are discussed and planned in advance with both partners to make sure that everyone has consented.  The sessions can be personally designed to suit the client's requests i.e. both partners receiving the massage or both partners learning the massage, or the session being wholly dedicated to one of the two.

If you choose both to receive a massage, there are a few options that you can choose:

1. Choose two female masseuses giving you both a massage at the same time

2. Choose one female and one male masseur giving you both a massage at the same time

3. Choose one masseur or masseuse giving a massage to one of you first and then the other.

You can choose to receive a massage or learn to give a massage to your partner. You can choose to have the massage in the same room or separate rooms.  If only one of you is receiving the massage and the other one wants to watch but not learn, we only charge a small extra fee. If both of you are having a massage with the same masseur or masseuse, there is no extra fee.

Read Ladies Massage for more details.

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