4 or 6  Hands Massage

You deserve to be spoiled. Two or three therapist will honour you and worship your entire body and soul with love and respect. You can surrender to their touch and merge into their energy. It’s an experience you will never forget.

You can experience the mix of the feminine and masculine energy massaging you in the same time (male and female therapists) or only the feminine with 4 or 6 hands all over you.

When you surrender to this ultimate experience your body will take over and your brain will give up trying to follow all the hands. Your mind will let go and you will enter an ecstatic tantric state of love throughout your being. Your body will then release into receiving total pleasure.

We can try to book these sessions within 24 hours depending on the amount of hands wanted, however, it is recommended to book this session with a minimum of one weeks notice to ensure that all masseurs are available.

A small deposit for this session is necessary to make your appointment.

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You have a wonderful touch, I will definitely be back.
You really know what you are doing, this is fantastic!
It’s so erotic, tender and soothing in the same time.Thank you so much.
I feel comfortable knowing that there is no expectation from you, I feel I can relax now.
Jay made me feel incredibly relaxed, comforted and in a safe place. I would highly recommend him.
You made a big impact in my life. I really want to learn more about Tantra.
I have been very stressed and unhappy lately. The massage I received exceeded my expectations. Not just made me feel relaxed but understood. The service is not rushed and the laddie made me feel very welcome.
Before I came here I was lost and now I found focus. Everyone should experience this.
Beautiful Goddess, more than anyone before, you gave me sensations of happiness. So glad we meet.

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