Therapists in Birmingham

We are a small, independent team of tantra masseurs dedicated to touch people deeply in a lasting way with presence and love.

Each of us have our own individual way to deliver our sessions, but we all have in common a passion for healing touch, connection and an unconditional love. Once you book your appointment with us, we will prepare ourselves to meet you and deliver the most amazing massage experience.

In respect to our therapists, we ask our clients to plan their visit with notice and give us 24 hours notice if they need to cancel or reschedule.

Click at the pictures to read their individual profile and to see more pictures. Note that some of our team members work in other areas and don't want to be recognized by their other colleagues on our website. This is the only reason for not having a clear portrait picture here.

Some clients have asked if they can bring us a gift. Gifts are welcomed by our therapists like Flowers, Candles, Incense, store vouchers or gratuity.



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