1. Connecting with your Masseur

A touch always means "having a connection" therefore, it must be full of respect and attentiveness. Respect and attentiveness are the most important aspects in how we interact and both build the basics of our encounter with you the Receiver and your Masseur as the Giver.

2. Integrity and Boundaries

In our work, it is essential that Client and Masseur respect each other's personal boundaries throughout the session at all times.
Client and Masseurs are encouraged to use four words to set their Boundaries: say "no" when you are not comfortable with what you are receiving, say "maybe" if you are not sure if you like it or not . Say the word "yes" or "yes please" if you are happy or very happy.

3. Holding the Sacred Space

We ask all clients to HOLD THE SACRED SPACE at all times. This means that absolutely no explicit sexual activity is ever allowed.
Our Masseurs will provide a safe and supported environment where you can surrender and feel free to explore Tantra and its benefits.
Both client and therapist will build a deep trust with each other to maintain a safe and sacred space for all.

4. Clients behavior

Clients should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
Clients are not permitted to ask for "extras" or engage in "Sexual talking";
Clients should stay passive and follow the therapist's guidance;
Clients must shower prior to the session;
Clients should not bring up the subject of monetary contributions after the start of a session.
If this Etiquette is not respected, Masseurs reserve the right to terminate the session at any point without refund.

5. Clients Payments

Clients that pay a deposit have priority of booking.
24 hours cancellation policy is necessary. If you are unable to give 24-hours’ notice of a missed appointment, we simply ask that you please give us a courtesy call and we will reschedule your appointment, although, you will lose the amount you paid as a deposit.
NO CALL or NO SHOWS may be subject to promotion and loyalty card forfeiture.
Clients that don’t call or show must pay a deposit of £20 to rebook.
Clients that don’t call or show after paying a deposit must pay the full amount of the session in advance to rebook.
Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Exceptions won’t be accepted. Please do not ask.
Be considerate to our masseurs by keeping your scheduled appointment.

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You have a wonderful touch, I will definitely be back.
You really know what you are doing, this is fantastic!
It’s so erotic, tender and soothing in the same time.Thank you so much.
I feel comfortable knowing that there is no expectation from you, I feel I can relax now.
Jay made me feel incredibly relaxed, comforted and in a safe place. I would highly recommend him.
You made a big impact in my life. I really want to learn more about Tantra.
I have been very stressed and unhappy lately. The massage I received exceeded my expectations. Not just made me feel relaxed but understood. The service is not rushed and the laddie made me feel very welcome.
Before I came here I was lost and now I found focus. Everyone should experience this.
Beautiful Goddess, more than anyone before, you gave me sensations of happiness. So glad we meet.

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